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A dock shelter is a structure with a curtain style cover designed to protect the space between a truck trailer and the building from the elements. Dock shelters are typically installed when dock seals aren’t an effective solution or a building must accommodate a variety of truck styles and sizes.

Dock shelters work because they allow trucks of various sizes and shapes to back into the curtain perimeter. This creates a vestibule around the truck trailer and accommodates a variety of trucks while providing basic protection from the elements.  

Nordock has 30+ years of solid performance and a common goal of providing the best possible products and value.  Nordock manufactures a full line of loading dock equipment including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, scissor lifts, truck levelers, dock seals, dock shelters, and a comprehensive line of accessories.  Nordock has the unique capability to design and manufacture specialty engineered products for loading dock, safety, and lift applications.

Experience the Benefits, Advantages, and ROI of Nordock Dock Shelters
Productivity   •   Durability   •   Safety      Energy Efficiency      Ease of Maintenance

Nordock FF FoamFrame™ Series Dock Shelters
Nordock's FoamFrame series provides sided shelters with superior sealing capability. The FoamFrame series features memory core foam sides that eliminate damage due to off center loading. The vertical curtains, with stiffeners, provide a maximum weathertight seal, a safer dock environment and unrestricted access to the trailer. The head curtain contains stiffeners, protective corner reinforcement pleats and wind retention straps.

Standard bottom corner pads reduce energy loss between the curtain and the side members. The rigid head frame is sloped for water drainage and topped with a translucent cover to allow in natural light. Polyurethane foam side frames with double stitched velcro attached vertical curtains containing fiberglass stiffeners provide a maximum weather-tight seal. 99% memory foam core extends the useful life while high tear abrasion fabric ensures durability. The FoamFrame features double stitched seams with high strength thread and pressure treated superior grade lumber backing with galvanized steel mounting hardware. The raked header with translucent fiberglass allows for water drainage & natural light.
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American Door and Dock, Chicagoland's Proven Nordock Dock Equipment Solution Experts
    • We know Nordock dock equipment inside & out, and we have numerous successful commercial and industrial dock projects under our belts across a wide range of industries and applications. 
    • We understand the importance of safety when it comes to your employees, materials, and your operation in general. Our strategic approach to your commercial dock needs puts safety at the forefront. We know how to spot risks and address any safety concern. We deliver a complete range of quality safety products and accessories designed to protect your people, products, and machinery.
    • We have the experience and product knowledge to solve any dock related problem or challenge. There are many factors that go into making your dock operation run smoothly. We consult with you to identify areas for increased efficiency, safety, time and cost savings. We're seasoned experts at making sure all the right pieces are in place for increasing efficiency, safety, and stability for your dock operation.

      • Dock levelers including mechanical, hydraulic, and air powered.
      • Vehicle restraints and safety products.
      • Integrated control systems.
      • Dock seals and shelters.
      • Lift products.
      • Aftermarket parts & accessories.

    • We provide 24/7/365 service & support for your dock solutions. Question? Problem? Warranty service? Preventative maintenance? Aftermarket parts & accessories? No problem. Our trained experts are at your command, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your dock solutions.